Technocamps GiSTCymru Event

Technocamps is an organisation which promotes the understanding of computing in areas of society. This year was the first visit to the University of South Wales for the Girls in Science and Technology (GiST) event. Recently, Hayley from MicroScientists also attended this fantastic event and delivered some interactive activities in her endless goal to promote STEM to all.

Girls from 10 schools in the Cardiff and Vale area were selected by their teachers, with a total of 130 girls attending the event. There were various workshops and demonstrations put on throughout the day from engineers from British Gas, aviation engineers from British Airways, and Technocamps hosting a practical workshop where the girls used VR to carry out bomb disposal!

Hayley, who’s day job is Associate Practitioner in a busy pathology diagnostics laboratory, hosted an NHS workshop where she introduced the variety of work carried out in a biomedical science lab, the role pathologists play, and together how they provide a vital diagnostic service. There was an interactive activity where participants looked at the steps involved from receipt of the specimen to a laboratory report being provided from which a diagnosis can be made. Next some cases were looked at on a virtual microscope and the impact of digital pathology and how it can improve the diagnostic service provided to patients was discussed. Images from a cancer of the colon, various skin cancers, lymph nodes and blood smears were also shown to the school children, to highlight the range of samples received, and how different they can look under the microscope.

Finally, there was a general chat about the children’s likes and dislikes, hobbies and any interests they have, which is an important aspect of public engagement as a scientist – to break down barriers between perception and achievable careers.

I think to encourage anybody into a STEM career it’s really important to break down any stereotypical impressions of what scientists, engineers, technicians and mathematicians should be like.


Another fantastic job if we do say so ourselves Hayley! Keep up the amazing and inspirational work that you do!

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