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Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) based subjects are constantly evolving, and we are making massive steps in progress and development of these new technologies. Couple this with an education system that is in need of (and will bet getting shortly) an overhaul, and this poses a real problem for future generations. This is where events like Scientrific at Techniquest comes is really valuable.

So what is Scientrific?
It is an annual event held in the Techniquest Science Discovery Centre in Cardiff Bay to promote STEM subjects to school children – the next generation of STEM ambassadors and leaders in this field. Held over a couple of weeks, hundreds of children come from around South Wales to experience the offerings of Techniquest (which itself promotes STEM to the masses), but also to see and be inspired by the experiences of real-life scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians.

This year, two of our very own (Hayley and Daniel) were invited to give a snapshot into their careers; what they do, how they got there, why it is important, and why they enjoy doing it. MicroScientists was also promoted as part of this, with our foundation in promoting STEM engagement and inspiring the next generation of STEMers, and it was fantastic to see the enthusiasm of the attendees (children and their teachers) when we showcased not only our journeys, but our own personal and professional shortfalls. This is really important when promoting STEM, we are normal people, we have had a typical education, and are most likely not necessarily the highest achievers in the class or year group. It is the persistence and passion for science that really shines through to eventually lead to a successful STEM career. Hayley and Daniel have both shown this with their unique journeys to where they are today.

Hayley was promoting the incredible services that the NHS provide for the entire population, and also highlighting the ‘beating-heart’ of the laboratory staff that are involved in about 70% of all diagnoses! Hayley is a superb role-model for the Biomedical Sciences, and does a sterling job of promoting the amazing work they do every single day.

Hayley Pincott - Associate practitioner for the university dental hospital in Cardiff, promoting the role of scientists within the NHS, and how MicroScientists can promote STEM to schools

It was a very exciting time for us to be able to begin promoting MicroScientists to schools and the public beyond our original remit, so while we are still very gratefully under the umbrella funding of the Wellcome Trust ISSF Public Engagement Proof of Concept grant, this promotion and engagement only goes to strengthen our future progress as we transition to a more independent unit.

We are very pleased to have the opportunities to discuss future school visits and activities with those that did attend, and look forward to what the future holds for us and STEM promotion!

If you are interested in what we do, and want to know more or would be interested in hosting us for some activities, get in touch. You can also follow our updates and engage with us on Instagram (@MicroScientists) and Twitter (@MicroScientists)!

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