Meet The Team

Daniel Morse
Founder & Principle Investigator

Daniel is a postdoctoral researcher interested in biofilms (think dental plaque!) and infections, and is the founder of MicroScientists. He has a keen interest in public engagement and outreach, particularly with primary schools and the general public.

Hayley Pincott
Core Team Member & Co-Investigator

Hayley is an Associate Practitioner in Oral Pathology and is based at the University Dental Hospital in Cardiff. Her role involves assisting in providing a pathology NHS diagnostic service, and supporting medical consultants.

Jabur Khan
Chief Designer and Core Team Member

Jabur is a PhD student at the Cardiff University School of Dentistry. His work is to develop an ex-vivo infection model to look at prosthetic joint infections

Beky Weiser
Team Member & Co-Investigator

Beky is a postdoctoral researcher investigating the paediatric cystic fibrosis lung microbiota, and also has interests in bacteriophages

Fiona Wyllie
Team Member, Advisor & Co-Investigator

Fiona works as an engagement officer for the Cardiff University School of Biosciences. She is involved in organising and delivering public engagement activities to schools and the general public, and acts as an advisor to the IAS project team as well as being hands on. 

Alex Mullins
Team Member & Co-Investigator

Alex is a PhD student at the Cardiff University School of Biosciences, and is looking at novel secondary metabolites as use for antimicrobials!

Ed Cunningham-Oakes
Team Member & Co-Investigator

Ed is a PhD student at the Cardiff University School of Biosciences, and is working on characterising and monitoring the microbiota associated with home care product manufacturing, with a longer term view of contamination control.

Amy Baldwin
Core Team Member & Co-Investigator

Amy is a Research and Development Scientist working at the crossover between academia and industry. Her work is to develop whole genome bioinformatic analysis capability for animal nutrition at Volac International

Kasia Parfitt
Team Member

Kasia is a PhD student in the Cardiff University School of Biosciences. Kasia is part of ESHlab in the MMI Group researching the cystic fibrosis-associated bacteria Burkholderia multivorans epidemiology and novel therapeutics, as well as modelling mock CF pathogen communities.

Jane Mikhail
Team Member

Jane is a postdoctoral researcher at the Cardiff University School of Biosciences, currently working on the associations between Helicobacter pylori, the gut microbiome, and cancer.

Kai Murphy
Team Member

Kai is a PhD student at the Cardiff University School of Biosciences. His research focuses on developing an improved human gut model through the combination of cell culture and microbiological techniques, with particular focus on understanding the impact of flow and probiotic bacteria on the gut.

Teresa Paradell Gil
Team Member

Teresa is a researcher from Spain who spent some time in the School of Biosciences before starting her PhD this year. Teresa is working on how a gut bacterium E. coli modifies small pieces of genetic code from human cells to have an influence in infections.

Gordon Webster

Gordon is a postdoctoral research scientist, with a PhD in botany (plant microbial interactions). He's working on a similar project to Alex, but using chemicals that soil microbes produce to fight against plant diseases.