Coed Glas Primary School Visit

MicroScientists visited year 2 at Coed Glas Primary School in Cardiff for a fun filled day full of hands on engaging activities to continue our goal of promoting science and microbiology. Find out what happened during our visit!

For this visit, we were delivering our workshop to three classes in three separate sessions. Each session started with an interactive introduction using Giant Microbes to discuss each of the individual microbes we think are particularly interesting, highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly(!), then throwing them into the audience for the pupils to handle and have a closer look at. We followed our tried and tested method of rotational activities, where children are split into smaller groups and rotate around the other activities we are delivering not he day. First up for some was our flagship Building Biofilms activity, which is always very popular. Building biofilms with building blocks then setting up a competition to destroy each others using mock antimicrobial balls……..what’s not to love!!!!!

We also presented our diagnostics activity in which the pupils try to find the microbes in the blood ball pit. This ‘jumping into the ball bit’ never fails to excite and grasp the children’s attention, and then we introduce the concepts of microbial diseases, and the many differences in different types of infections, from viral to bacterial, to fungal. The second part of this activity is the chance to look down real microscopes at real sections of different things; human cheek cells (from Hayley herself!), and a range of plant-based sections including the epidermis of onion (which is similar in layering to that of our own skin!!).

Finally, our How Clean Are Your Hands activity where the pupils used fluorescent powder to show how easy it is to contaminate other people by hand shaking, and fluorescent lotion in order to highlight differences in hand washing products (sanitiser versus water versus soap and water), and the different washing techniques that children use. It’s always amazing to see the surprise on their faces when they choose the least effective type of hand-cleaning product!

Overall another hugely successful visit, all the pupils seemed to have a great day and were fully engaged with all the activities we presented to them.

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